The most effective way for lice prevention is to treat everyone in your household with an insecticide once a week for three weeks.

Lice prevention treatment

Easy | Preparation: 2 min | Preservation: 6 months at room temperature | For 200 ml

Traitement répulsif contre les poux


Head lice are a common problem among school-aged children. They live on human blood and can spread quickly through contact with an infested person or object. Head lice usually appear during fall, winter and spring when humidity is low. However, they can occur at any time of year if there is an outbreak in the community or at school.

However, a common mistake is to think that shaving or cutting your child’s hair very short will prevent head lice. This will not help, but it can cause distress for your child. Lice are not spread by personal items such as combs, brushes, hats, scarves or pillow cases. They are spread by close head contact and cannot survive long away from the scalp. The lice themselves have six legs and are flattened dorsoventrally. They have a dark brown color, with a lighter shade around their eyes and mouthparts. The female louse is slightly larger than the male, which has a more slender body shape than hers.

As with many things in life, prevention is key. In fact, the most effective way to lice prevention is to treat everyone in your household with a head lice repellent once a week for three weeks. For children, it’s best to leave them alone while their parents or guardians do the treatment on themselves first. This way, the lice and nits will be killed before your child comes in contact with them again.