If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a cherry chocolate mousse recipe. You’re in luck. This is one of my favorite recipes I’ve been using ever since I first tried chocolate mousse.

Cherry Chocolate Mousse

Easy | Preparation : 15 min | Cooking : 2min | Rest : 2 hours | 4 servings

Mousse au chocolat aux cerises


The secret to making good chocolate mousse is in the ingredients and also in the way you treat them. Always use fresh eggs and cream, natural cocoa powder, real vanilla extract and good dark chocolate.
1st Tip: make sure your chocolate base is thick enough to hold the rest of the ingredients.
2nd Tip: add the cherries at the end of the preparation, as they will blend better with the rest of your ingredients if added at this stage.
3rd Tip: use an egg white. This will make your mousse even more creamy and delicious.
4th Tip: serve it with some fresh cherries on top, which will give the dessert a beautiful finishing touch.

You might not be the best cook, but you can still make some killer desserts.