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Are you looking for original and easy to make recipes to treat yourself and your loved ones? Would you like to have natural alternatives to body and household products at home? Welcome to Re7tips, the reference site for concocting delicious dishes and enjoying 100% DIY tips!

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Behind Re7tips hides a team of gastronomy and DIY enthusiasts. Indeed, we wanted to pay tribute to our grandmothers’ recipes by sharing them with as many people as possible. They were the queens of resourcefulness and managed to make a feast with only a few ingredients. Their tricks of the trade could not disappear overnight!

Few sites offered content on this theme and the few specialized sites only offered cooking recipes or grandmother remedies. This had to change! That’s why we decided to create Re7tips.

Coconut Oil Solid Deodorant, re7tips
Spicy chicken wings, re7tips

Discover without delay our recipes and our grandmother remedies!

On the menu: from cooking recipes to DIY tips for taking care of yourself and your home.  Whether it’s for a tasty dessert, a comforting main dish, a natural soap, a moisturizer or homemade laundry, you’re sure to find everything you need.

What each recipe has in common is their accessibility and simplicity. You don’t have to be a great chef or a chemist’s apprentice to follow all our lovingly prepared tips to the letter. Isn’t life great with Re7tips, your partner in eating well and taking care of yourself?

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